About Us

That Veronica Campbell Brown is today an Olympic Champion, a positive individual, a role model and a successful business woman did not happen overnight, neither did it happen without help. She recognized and acknowledged that there were individuals who assisted her along her path to becoming the woman she is today.

Now she stands ready to assist the women of tomorrow! Born out of that recognition and readiness is the Veronica Campbell Brown Foundation. The Veronica Campbell Brown Foundation is equipped with a zealous team that shares a passion for educational opportunities and women empowerment.

We believe that everyone should obtain a chance to be successful in life. Our endeavor is to effect a positive change in the lives of young women by providing opportunities and vital support.

Board Members
  • Veronica Campbell Brown – Founder/Chairman
  • Omar Brown – Co-Founder/Co-Chair
  • Claude Bryan – Co-Chair
  • Fay McIntosh – Finance
  • Nicole Foga – Legal
  • Kalando Wilmoth – Public Relations
  • Ann-Marie Grant – North American Public Relations
  • Errol Campbell – Board of Director
  • James Adams – Board of Director
  • Julette Parkes – Board of Director